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The Summer Camp is an exciting and educational program designed to provide children with a hands-on experience of farm life and nature. Held during the summer months, this workshop offers a unique opportunity for kids to engage in various farm activities, such as feeding and caring for animals, planting and harvesting crops, and learning about sustainable farming practices.


Children get to explore the wonders of nature as they interact with friendly farm animals, observe the growth of plants and vegetables, and participate in fun-filled outdoor games and activities. The workshop not only teaches kids about the importance of agriculture and the environment but also instills values like responsibility, teamwork, and respect for animals and nature. With skilled instructors and a safe environment, the Summer Camp is an enriching experience that fosters a love for the outdoors, sparks curiosity, and creates lasting memories for children.

Duration: 3 hours  9 am -12 pm  or  1 pm - 4 pm

Price:  $50 half day and $110 full day ( 9 am - 4 pm)

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