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Decorating a Cookie

Discover the enchantment of our Christmas Camp at the farm, where the magic of the holidays intertwines with the wonders of nature. Engage in merry activities, such as ornament crafting and cheerful carol sessions, tailored to captivate young hearts. What makes our camp truly special is the unique opportunity for children to connect with animals, adding a delightful touch of the farm's charm to their holiday experience. Whether it's feeding horses or cuddling with adorable animals, our Christmas Camp offers a heartwarming adventure that creates cherished memories. Join us for a celebration of the season, where laughter, learning, and the spirit of Christmas harmonize in the most delightful way.

Available Dates: Dec.27-Dec.29, Jan.02-Jan.05

Duration: Half day or full day(9am-12pm, 1pm-4pm)

Price: $50(Half day), $90(Full day)

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